3 easy ways to keep creating new site content: SEO Tactics

Even if a company’s business model calls for “regular blogging,” it’s easier said than done.

Yes, it’s easy to understand and appreciate the value of blogging. It helps prospective customers see a personal side of a company and keep up-to-date on upcoming events and promotions.

It helps potential vendors see what a company is all about as well – how do they treat their employees and the public? What are their values?

Finally, and the biggie, fresh content is great for Search Engine Optimization. Visitors to the blog create traffic, whether it’s someone checking in regularly for updates or “binge” reading past posts to catch up on everyone’s activity. People can comment on posts, which can be good for engagement, and share posts, which can be even better.

All of that makes sense. But the real challenge someone serious about smart SEO marketing in Denver is having something to say all the time. Depending on a size of a company, there could be one person assigned blogging duties or a whole team.

Most small-to-medium sized businesses won’t likely have more than one or two people in charge of blogging, and they likely will have other marketing writing duties such as press releases and other internal/external communication. So that will make it even more of a challenge to keep the blog up-to-date.

But there are some easy solutions:

•Create a rotation. Knowing that it could be a challenge for one person to stay on top of blogging, companies can put together a schedule of daily posts. Not so much “post at exactly this time,” but “Your day is Wednesday, his day is Thursday, Friday is Manager Day” Like any assignment, be flexible with vacations or emergencies.

•Encourage blog exchanges. If there are other blogs and bloggers in a certain industry that aren’t necessarily super-competitive, companies can ask if they would permit posts to be occasionally shared, with the expectation that the favor would be returned. This way, both companies can receive fresh content and extra links.

•Allow re-runs. TV does it, so it should be fine for bloggers. Only call them something like “classic posts” or “best of.” This is actually a good way to remind longtime readers of favorite posts from the past, and for new readers to learn about a company’s interesting history. It could also be a perfect opportunity to provide updates at the end.