Blogging remains a smart way to build business: SEO Tactics

Are blogs still needed?

If someone is seeking a short answer if blogs are still useful, the answer is “yes.”

The long answer will also affirm this, eventually, it will just take a while to get there.

Though blogs as we know them started more as online diaries and places for individuals to express themselves online, the media has definitely evolved.

They still serve this purpose for some bloggers, but more and more businesses have also picked up on blogs as a way to not just put a friendly face on their day-to-day activities, but a good way to build up customers.

Just like Facebook evolved from an online college yearbook to the multi-national gathering for individuals and businesses, blogs can represent a whole slice of modern life.

Businesses can use their blogs to tell site visitors about what’s new, any promotions, any activities or any similar content.

They could be long posts or even short bursts, maybe just a photo and a caption.

AdWeek recently shared an infographic explaining why blogging is great and concluding that it’s a great way to generate ad leads, especially in a B2B setting.

It concluded that blogs can be an honest way to learn about businesses – more than just another ad, which could easily be ignored or not believed.

There is a fine line between news articles and blog posts, and news items are generally believed to be more credible. It also points out that more of today’s successful companies use blogs compared to those that don’t.

Denver SEO consultants will also say that blogs are great because they provide fresh content. Whether there’s a daily update, a twice-daily update or less frequently, it’s still new material, which search bots look for.

Even better, it’s appropriate content, which can help search rankings. (Appropriate meaning keywords for search terms are in a correct format as part of posts, rather than just random words on a page.) If people share a post, that can help site rankings even more.

Modern SEO consultants will also say that a good business blog shouldn’t stand alone, but should be just one spoke of a greater online presence with the site at the central hub. Other spokes could include newsletters, various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, all pointing back to the main site.