How Facebook likes can help your overall site rank: SEO Tactics

In grade school, many of us may have spent a lot of time wondering whether or not someone else may or may not like us.
Childhood was definitely a simpler time, without the real-life relationship challenges that we would soon start running into as alleged grown-ups.

In the modern digital world, the “like” is becoming popular again, and has become a popular and useful metric to indicate the popularity of a business’ Facebook presence. It also can be part of an overall online SEO strategy.

Facebook makes it awfully easy to show one’s appreciation/interest in a business – just one click of the mouse. This also provides permission for the person to start receiving updates from that business in their news stream, and encourages the person to want to know more and check out the site.

Though the Facebook audience isn’t necessarily the exact same audience as the site audience, there’s a correlation.

There’s definitely some financial value as well. Taylor Digital, a content blog, said that likes are actually quantifiable and continue to grow in value to a business. In 2013, one like was valued at $136, but grew to $174 by late 2014.

There are other factors that better measure a person’s interest in a business through social media besides the like – such as sharing and comments, which both show more engagements than giving the basic thumbs-up.

Sharing and commenting definitely show an active interest in a particular page, more than clicking ‘like’ once and then never clicking it again. Since Facebook is also notorious for only showing users a portion of all the activity going on with their friends and pages they do like, some users may not even hear from certain businesses once they like their page.

Here, just like in a web site, frequent content makes a big difference.

As a good strategy from Denver SEO services providers, site owners should come up with regular blog posts and page updates. This will make the site more noticeable to search engine bots and higher in site rankings.

Likewise, promoting fresh content on a Facebook page also can increase visibility. The more updates, the more people will likely see them, and the more likely they’ll be to click to the site.

Site owners can even combine the two – promote a site update that will be seen by those who like the page.