How good SEO efforts can connect with good social media

Late in 2014, Facebook announced that it had 1.35 billion active members world-wide. That’s with a b, and a lot more than with an m.

The figure equates to the population of China and shows how this type of network has become so important to many of our lives over the last 10 years.

Not bad for something that was originally intended just to be a virtual college yearbook.

Today, it’s used for everything from live chatting to showing off vacation photos. And don’t forget those Candy Crush requests that people receive – and maybe send out themselves. You can’t move to the next level without them!

But that’s not all – elements of Facebook have become the focal point of other social networks, which are all gaining in popularity.

  1. Like quick updates? Try Twitter.
  2. Like the pictures but not the words? Try Instagram.
  3. Like lengthy conversation threads but not all the pictures? Try Reddit.
  4. Like the talking but not the history? Try Snapchat.

No surprises for someone who is already plugged in. Or for those who consciously avoid getting sucked into any of these – call them the anti-social networkers.

But what not everyone knows is how connected a businesses’ social media efforts can be with its overall Search Engine Optimization.

The lines between “that fun place where people hang out online” and “the serious site for a serious business” are definitely blurring, and a quality Denver SEO expert will likely recommend that social network be a component of a company’s overall online presence.

The ultimate goal of all the components is to get people over to the main site and hopefully turn them into loyal customers, the sooner the better.

It doesn’t necessarily work as automatically or as easily as that particular theory, but social networking can certainly help get the word out.

A businesses’ page on a leading social network could grow its own audience of users who like the company. The page owner can share all sorts of company information, recent company blog posts, pictures from a recent event, and include links to the site to make it easy for people to click on.

It goes the other way as well – every post and page on a site should include “share this” buttons or plug-ins, which could end up on the site visitor’s social media page and let them have their own conversations.