Why it makes sense to ask for expert SEO help

It’s an interesting time for people wanting to learn more about Search Engine Optimization.

Though some online developers and marketers have been experimenting with sound and less sound ways, there are still some people who are just beginning to put together a SEO strategy. Maybe they’ve been focusing on other projects; maybe their employer just gave them the green light.

Or, maybe they tried creating SEO strategy years ago and quite like the process – or the results.

Not long ago, a site could receive a high ranking even if it didn’t make sense. Some designers would just cram a bunch of random words on a page, and provided the keywords were somewhere in the jumble, everything was find.

Some creators even made the keywords small and invisible but made lots of them on pages so the proper search terms would be very prominent but visitors wouldn’t see them.

Either of these may have been a negative – visitors could feel deceived that what they were searching for wasn’t quite right, and site developers may have preferred to use more honest methods to let people know how cool their site looked.

Luckily, updated versions of Google’s search algorithms have mostly put an end to this practice of stuffing keywords on a page. Instead, they now encourage designers to focus on quality content first and try to build SEO organically, not just inserting words and hoping to snare people that way. People can still make the earlier types of deceptive pages, but they’ll more than likely rank lower in searches.

Whether someone wants to learn some of the new SEO methods, or un-learn some past practices that no longer apply, this is an optimal moment to consider hiring an SEO consultant.

He or she can offer advice in the new search ranking systems and share the difference between Penguin and Panda. Or maybe explain what Penguin and Panda are first of all if a client is brand-new to this process and terms.

A good consultant can help with SEO in Denver or anywhere that clients would need extra assistance, including modern strategies on designing pages, sharing links and creating memorable content that people will enjoy reading, and more importantly enjoy sharing.

SEO consultants can also give info on why previous SEO efforts didn’t work well and then offer some ideas to better fit a specific business.